Monday, July 4, 2011

Hi everyone...i know it's been so long after we've  post our last post , we were really sorry because unable to update new product  in past few months..both of us was really busy with our work , but the good news is we'r going to update lots of new product in few weeks...hope you guys will like it... hugs & kisses always, bubbye...

School Carnival

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hye all,

I'm here updating on our new event on 26th March 2011, it's not an official event but we got chance to sell 3 of our products in a School Carnival.... Which school? Convent Bukit Nanas, okay? Err... I don't have the exact address but both of of us won't just selling our products, we have to work too... like ... sketching demonstration.

We decided to put on new design for the carnival. We have new design for hair-clip and headband~! I hope the girls will like it. (^_^)

 Our sweet new hair-clip design which is not given a name yet. We already packed for the day~! Selling for RM5.00 each.

This flower headband also have no name (yet) and with 2 sub-design. One with pearl and the other with net. I told ya... both looks very sweet to wear. (I've tried... *grin*) This item is RM15.00 each.

We're looking forward for more events but as both of us working every weekend, sometimes it almost impossible. However, we'll try to squeeze in any event as much as we can. We have a big one coming up in April. *smile*

p/s: Items shown are open for order too...Feel free to fill our form to order...

Bijoux Palette

Hand Painted Bi-Fold Purse

Monday, March 21, 2011

We're back...

I notice that our last entry is over 2 months ago. We've been busy and lack of this and that I'm so thankful today I have mood to type a new entry here, again...

About a week ago, I was on my annual leave so other than spending time with my family I always do a little bit of research on what product should we add on in Bijoux Palette.

Other than making craft with felt, me and Mysarah loves sewing... and of course we do have in common, love painting. So I tried to combine this two, mix with some ingredients and I have come out with a handmade+hand-painted purse. (Which I'm using now)

The longest proses was the painting... pheww~
This is how it's going to look like when it closed.
The other side.
The inside view.

Okay, this is the first prototype. Since I didn't buy cotton cloth yet, so I used canvas inside and out. Obviously we don't put it for sale yet but if there's any customize order, we are happy to make it for you. (^_^)

Until then..

Bijoux Palette

Coming up... Next!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello and Hello February too~

Pheww... see how time flies? January left behind and February is coming up. It's already 2nd of February and a few days more to CHINESE NEW YEAR~!! Yeay~~ Even I will never get any angpow but yeah.. still holiday.. *grin*

I noticed that I didn't write anything about the canceled event? Never mind,  it's over. I hope there's another event will come up, after CNY perhaps? Will update you on that, okay? Promise... *finger crossed*

About February, do you know what occasion people celebrate every 14th February? I call it 'LOVE DAY'. The day where red hearts everywhere... roses... dating... candlelight dinner... you name it. (I never celebrate actually but I have this imagination that makes me create a storyline... love story )

I shall stop babbling and straight away introduce our Valentine's Day items. We have 2 actually. Couple key-chain and cloud pendant-LUV U. See picture below:

Price: RM10.00 for each. U can request to put name at the back as well. for FREE!

Price RM10.00 for pendant and necklace. Box is in package.
Okay, that's all for today. GONG XI FA CHAI to those who celebrate it. (^_^)

Till then, Have a nice day~!

Bijoux Palette

New event: ART n LIFE MARKET

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello everyone...

We'd like to inform you guys that we are participating in Art n Life Market at 3rd floor, Fahrenheit 88 Bukit bintang on 28-30 January and 11-13 February... So be there~ (^_^)

Bijoux Palette

Order - Colourful Ribbon

Friday, January 14, 2011

Colourful Ribbon : RM3.00 each
Order from Zham
50 pieces of colourful Ribbon.

 To make order, kindly fill in form in How to order
  or send us email at bijouxpalette@gmail.com

Bijoux Palette

SURF Magazine!

Monday, January 10, 2011


10 days passed for the new 2011. We, Bijoux Palette always hoping for the best and wishing that everything goes well for everyone.

We would like to thank a million to Mrs. Hazel for helping to promote us in SURF Magazine. Feels a little shy as they put me and Mysarah's picture as the main picture but it doesn't matter as long as people know what we actually share~! Our creation... *heart*

Anyway, feel free to read the write-up which I think it's been written very well, way way better than the essay I submitted. Ha ha ha...

Okay, I shall take this opportunity to introduce you our range of "ZOMBIE LAND" family. Curious huh? We already sell this items in our 1st event, Rantai Art but I never blog about it. So far, this zombie have three family members... will be added more soon... Let me introduce you:

This is Mr. Pumpkin with brain slightly comes out of his head. He tried to scare you. Phone Strap: RM5.00 only.
Mr. Mummy. He does look like dancing but he actually just walking, mummy style. Phone Strap: RM5.00 only.
Deadly Duck is their pet. It has been shot by bad guy. Look at the bullet. Phone Strap: RM5.00 only.
The reason we thought of making this series was because most of our products is for girls. So, at least boys have something to grab when stopping at our booth. Hehe... It's really fun doing this zombie. Hope you enjoy it too~~

I think that's all for today (^_^)

Bijoux Palette

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