Handmade Bag.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I'm pretty much in a good mood. Maybe because I just finish my very first fully handmade bag! It's kinda cute and quite practical especially for myself. ha ha ha! I'll tell you why~

Dolly bag: RM50.00

This dolly bag slightly oval shape with cute dolly decoration in the middle. Cute? Thanks. Plus, it comes with two way zipper which enable this bag to open as wide as you can... example is the bottom picture.

The practical point is... if you feel like you are always messing up your bag. Here's the solution, isn't it easier to find stuffs like this? (I'd say yes.) It takes hours for me to do this though. Since it's fully handmade and will be selling in our very first event. Rantai.Art.

Okay, thats all for today.

Bijoux Palette


Fedulab said...

There's a big space for all your things!

fafafo said...

wahhhh great idea i like:-)

Come and Visit Our Blog:-)
EnJoy Ur BLog waLkinG!!!!

FaFaFo.Craft.and Design

Bijoux Palette said...

thanks both of u..

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