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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello and Hello February too~

Pheww... see how time flies? January left behind and February is coming up. It's already 2nd of February and a few days more to CHINESE NEW YEAR~!! Yeay~~ Even I will never get any angpow but yeah.. still holiday.. *grin*

I noticed that I didn't write anything about the canceled event? Never mind,  it's over. I hope there's another event will come up, after CNY perhaps? Will update you on that, okay? Promise... *finger crossed*

About February, do you know what occasion people celebrate every 14th February? I call it 'LOVE DAY'. The day where red hearts everywhere... roses... dating... candlelight dinner... you name it. (I never celebrate actually but I have this imagination that makes me create a storyline... love story )

I shall stop babbling and straight away introduce our Valentine's Day items. We have 2 actually. Couple key-chain and cloud pendant-LUV U. See picture below:

Price: RM10.00 for each. U can request to put name at the back as well. for FREE!

Price RM10.00 for pendant and necklace. Box is in package.
Okay, that's all for today. GONG XI FA CHAI to those who celebrate it. (^_^)

Till then, Have a nice day~!

Bijoux Palette


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