Hand Painted Bi-Fold Purse

Monday, March 21, 2011

We're back...

I notice that our last entry is over 2 months ago. We've been busy and lack of this and that I'm so thankful today I have mood to type a new entry here, again...

About a week ago, I was on my annual leave so other than spending time with my family I always do a little bit of research on what product should we add on in Bijoux Palette.

Other than making craft with felt, me and Mysarah loves sewing... and of course we do have in common, love painting. So I tried to combine this two, mix with some ingredients and I have come out with a handmade+hand-painted purse. (Which I'm using now)

The longest proses was the painting... pheww~
This is how it's going to look like when it closed.
The other side.
The inside view.

Okay, this is the first prototype. Since I didn't buy cotton cloth yet, so I used canvas inside and out. Obviously we don't put it for sale yet but if there's any customize order, we are happy to make it for you. (^_^)

Until then..

Bijoux Palette


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